lolita purchases

well, i did go by that lolita shop i mentioned in my last post. it’s called summer tales boutique &, even half-full, it’s so very, very lovely. i can’t believe i didn’t know it before. it’s only half an hour away on bicycle! i got to try on a hurriedly assembled lolita outfit, with a petticoat. ah, that petticoat. i had to buy it. it’s so big & cute. strangely, i’ve never owned a proper petticoat before. how i’ve missed out.

DSC03237 copy DSC03240 copy

of course, pictures taken of it laying flat on my bed don’t do it any kind of justice, but i don’t have any skirts or dresses to wear with it yet. my jsk shipped today though. aaaah, i can’t wait to receive it! & wear it with this petticoat!

i also bought a bodyline blouse. so lovely & inexpensive.

DSC03247 copy DSC03244 copy DSC03243 copy

although i’m not sure if it’ll go with my jsk. well, i can always buy another that does go with it. or make one. if only i had more opportunity to sew… i’m actually considering skipping out on that vacation to budapest next week & go have a vacation at my mom’s house with my sewing machines instead. a whole week to make lolita clothes would be so very lovely. sigh. after that whole week in which i would go to budapest i start with a new block at school & it will be all work, work, work again.

when i saw their workspace at summer tales boutique… heavenly. these things really make me want to go back into fashion. they offer internships there too. not that that would be of any benefit to my comparative literature studies. anyway, here is also a flyer the nice lady gave me:


if you live anywhere near houten, go check it out! it’s a very inspiring shop overall.

style musings

okay, making another attempt at this blog. wordpress just billed me for the domain again, so i might as well. i think it’s easier if i don’t stick to a specific theme or any sort of outline, just share whatever i feel like.

now i thought i’d write something about lolita. lately i’ve been having a renewed interest in it. an obsessive sort of renewed interest that makes me think: I WANT TO BE A LOLITA.

it started when i came across lovely lor‘s channel on youtube. the video where she transforms mo mo o’brien into a lolita was the first one i watched. then i watched many other of her videos, finding myself fascinated by her & her (life)style. i checked out related channels, then i found myself browsing through related things on tumblr & shops of lolita brands. oh, & ebay. goddamn ebay. yesterday i bought a really cute baby the stars shine bright jsk on an impulse. hopefully it arrives before the elf fantasy fair, then i can wear it there.

this obsession probably came out of boredom with my current ‘style’. whatever that is. i got tired of all my black, ‘gothic’, impractical clothes & have mostly been wearing three pants on rotation& big sweaters, maybe with an dress shirt underneath, & my new rocks. i’ve also bought a band hoodie again, which i’ve grown very fond of. all very simple & tomboyish. wannabe rockstarish. wanting to go into a new direction, but unsure of what. kind of reflects my life, haha. i think an easy summary would be that i’m sick of the tough & mysterious thing, i want to be CUTE. & have FUN.

i first discovered lolita when i was 16 or so. since then i’ve had periods where i took a lot of inspiration from it. but i’ve never gone full-on lolita. maybe now is the time. at least, for occasions. lolita is way expensive. & if i would build a new, entirely cute wardrobe… besides, i’d miss some of my very non-cute things. i’m looking forward to my jsk arriving in any case. yesterday i discovered that there is an actual lolita shop very close to where i live! i want to go there tomorrow. see if i can buy a petticoat & blouse to match. & just dream about possible coords. oh god, what am i getting myself into.