style musings

okay, making another attempt at this blog. wordpress just billed me for the domain again, so i might as well. i think it’s easier if i don’t stick to a specific theme or any sort of outline, just share whatever i feel like.

now i thought i’d write something about lolita. lately i’ve been having a renewed interest in it. an obsessive sort of renewed interest that makes me think: I WANT TO BE A LOLITA.

it started when i came across lovely lor‘s channel on youtube. the video where she transforms mo mo o’brien into a lolita was the first one i watched. then i watched many other of her videos, finding myself fascinated by her & her (life)style. i checked out related channels, then i found myself browsing through related things on tumblr & shops of lolita brands. oh, & ebay. goddamn ebay. yesterday i bought a really cute baby the stars shine bright jsk on an impulse. hopefully it arrives before the elf fantasy fair, then i can wear it there.

this obsession probably came out of boredom with my current ‘style’. whatever that is. i got tired of all my black, ‘gothic’, impractical clothes & have mostly been wearing three pants on rotation& big sweaters, maybe with an dress shirt underneath, & my new rocks. i’ve also bought a band hoodie again, which i’ve grown very fond of. all very simple & tomboyish. wannabe rockstarish. wanting to go into a new direction, but unsure of what. kind of reflects my life, haha. i think an easy summary would be that i’m sick of the tough & mysterious thing, i want to be CUTE. & have FUN.

i first discovered lolita when i was 16 or so. since then i’ve had periods where i took a lot of inspiration from it. but i’ve never gone full-on lolita. maybe now is the time. at least, for occasions. lolita is way expensive. & if i would build a new, entirely cute wardrobe… besides, i’d miss some of my very non-cute things. i’m looking forward to my jsk arriving in any case. yesterday i discovered that there is an actual lolita shop very close to where i live! i want to go there tomorrow. see if i can buy a petticoat & blouse to match. & just dream about possible coords. oh god, what am i getting myself into.

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