live music review – rolo tomassi, the fall of troy + chon

or, a love letter to eva spence

picture taken from rolo tomassi's facebook page
picture taken from rolo tomassi’s facebook page

last night i saw rolo tomassi for the third time this year. the fall of troy were headlining & chon opened. the show was in the club dynamo. rolo tomassi was the band i was there for, & also the only i was familiar with, so this review will mostly be focused on them.

i will start with chon. they’re an instrumental band from san diego. even before they said where they were from i thought i could hear their home state in the music. their show was pretty nice. after a while i thought their music all sounded the same though. not my cup of tea, but a surprisingly large amount of the crowd got really into it. a lot of people were banging their heads like it was much more intense music & a couple of them even ballroom-danced a little.

after chon we had to wait half an hour for rolo tomassi to start. standing at the front & watching how they set up & the minutes crawl by could make one very impatient, haha. & once they finally started, it was one big explosion. the band has so much infectious energy. there were also a lot more enthusiastic fans up front than the last two times i saw them. & the vocalist, eva spence… she is quickly becoming one of my favourite vocalists & biggest inspirations. her performance is utterly captivating. she doesn’t just sing, but puts her whole body into it. she is almost constantly jumping or dancing around the stage, shifting between a ferocious beast & an elegant lady. & then when she’s talking in-between songs, or you speak to her off stage, she is so sweet & cute. & she also makes things like hair ties & adorable pillows, which i couldn’t afford, which they sell at the merch stand. god, i love her.

…to go back to the band & performance, the other members were also amazing; it’s just that i pay the closest attention to vocalists because i’m learning to sing myself. i would love to become a vocalist like eva at some point. anyway. the band mostly played songs off their brilliant new album, grievances, starting with ‘funereal’ & ending with ‘stage knives’. i think my favourite of the songs they played is ‘opalescent’. the build-up of that song sounds amazing how they play it live. i experienced it three times now & it gave me goosebumps every time. unfortunately, since they were not the main act they had a pretty short set. still well worth the trip to eindhoven though.

the fall of troy also gave a great show. i hadn’t heard their music before, & i didn’t entirely love it, but their show itself was great. they also gave a very passionate performance. the crowd went wild. from the front to the back people were banging their heads & jumping & singing & screaming. at least half of them were constantly moshing. on a sidenote, i thought it was interesting how many different people there were at the show. quite a variety in age, gender, race, & fashion preferences. it was nice to see. i’ve noticed that in general mathcore seems to attract a more varied audience than other -core bands. also bands that have at least one member who is not a white male.

overall, i had a great time last night. if you like any of the bands mentioned, i would highly recommend checking them out live.

sneak preview of a dress i’m working on

it’s a terrible picture, but i really wanted to show something of this dress that i’ve been working on. i’ve been working on it, on & off, for a couple of weeks now.


it’s a very lolita inspired sleeveless dress. at first it was really fun to work on this, but later it became more & more frustrating. so many ruffles & layers & weight. i also made a few mistakes and changes to the design, which made it much more work than it should be. i think it will be worth it though. it’s already looking rather fabulous. i just need to fix the bottom ruffles, & the back of the top, & improve the bow clip, & buy & add more lace…


penny dreadful – vanessa ives inspiration

a couple of weeks ago i discovered the show penny dreadful. since then i’ve been slightly obsessed. there are so many wonderful things in that show, among which are the costumes. oh, the costumes. i would take screenshots of all of them, but netflix won’t allow me. they sparked a renewed interest in me in victorian fashion. victorian fashion was one of the goth clichés that i had moved away from, forgotten how fabulous it could be. anyway. of all the characters i think vanessa ives has the best wardrobe. here are some examples i plucked from google:


Timothy Dalton as Sir Malcolm and Eva Green as Vanessa Ives in Penny Dreadful (season 1, episode 2). - Photo: Jonathan Hession/SHOWTIME- Photo ID: PennyDreadful_102_1519
Timothy Dalton as Sir Malcolm and Eva Green as Vanessa Ives in Penny Dreadful (season 1, episode 2). – Photo: Jonathan Hession/SHOWTIME- Photo ID: PennyDreadful_102_1519


i can’t stop looking at the detail on this blouse. i think it’s one of her finest pieces.




girl-and-vanessa-outside-churchi love those puffed sleeves on coats & jackets! that scarf makes the whole lovelier still.


nice modern addition of polka dots in this dress. the gold dots on the black look fantastic.

Eva Green as Vanessa Ives in Penny Dreadful (season 1, episode 1). - Photo: Patrick Redmond/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: PennyDreadful_S1_QU6A2491
Eva Green as Vanessa Ives in Penny Dreadful (season 1, episode 1). – Photo: Patrick Redmond/SHOWTIME – Photo ID: PennyDreadful_S1_QU6A2491

penny-dreadful-costumesagain, amazing detail on this dress. if only i could get my hands on lace like that… the contrast of the white also looks really nice.


i hope you enjoyed this post! thank you for looking.

rambles on blogging

i wanted to make a favourites video today, but then i failed with make-up & i had to scrub it all off, but i couldn’t get it all off & now i do not look fit for a camera at all. so i decided to revisit this blog. since i pay for a domain & all. i had such grand plans for this blog, but i’ve gotten so out of it. i never read blogs anymore. i have no idea what’s happening in the world of blogs. i almost never write anything myself anymore. there are other things i’d rather do now, i guess. nowadays whenever i want anyone’s advice or opinion on a subject, i go to youtube. now i have a list of youtubers i follow instead of old-fashioned bloggers. i also tend to prefer making videos to writing. although making videos has the big drawback of people having to see you. which means you have to make yourself look presentable. whereas i could write in my nightgown without so much as eyebrows on my face & no one would know or care. i have no idea where this post is going. but i thought i would write one anyway. i have to do something. & i think it would be a good idea to make more of an effort to keep this blog going. i need to get back into writing & creating things other than clothes. i could make this into a nice alternative crafting blog. or something. it could also be a nice place to collect all my personal inspiration. & be an incentive to keep track of my outfits. i think the picture from the elf fantasy fair is the only outfit picture i have of this year. but, enough with the rambling. next post will contain more content.