rambles on blogging

i wanted to make a favourites video today, but then i failed with make-up & i had to scrub it all off, but i couldn’t get it all off & now i do not look fit for a camera at all. so i decided to revisit this blog. since i pay for a domain & all. i had such grand plans for this blog, but i’ve gotten so out of it. i never read blogs anymore. i have no idea what’s happening in the world of blogs. i almost never write anything myself anymore. there are other things i’d rather do now, i guess. nowadays whenever i want anyone’s advice or opinion on a subject, i go to youtube. now i have a list of youtubers i follow instead of old-fashioned bloggers. i also tend to prefer making videos to writing. although making videos has the big drawback of people having to see you. which means you have to make yourself look presentable. whereas i could write in my nightgown without so much as eyebrows on my face & no one would know or care. i have no idea where this post is going. but i thought i would write one anyway. i have to do something. & i think it would be a good idea to make more of an effort to keep this blog going. i need to get back into writing & creating things other than clothes. i could make this into a nice alternative crafting blog. or something. it could also be a nice place to collect all my personal inspiration. & be an incentive to keep track of my outfits. i think the picture from the elf fantasy fair is the only outfit picture i have of this year. but, enough with the rambling. next post will contain more content.

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