My blog in 2017

To the one or two people who might still look at this blog, my apologies for not posting for so long. Between my bachelor’s thesis and another major writing project last year, I’m afraid I have completely forgotten about this blog. I mean to get more into blogging again this year.

I have just finished my study. I’m currently looking for a job. Ideally, I would like to do something with writing. “Specialist journalism” as our career officer called it. To write for something like a book or music or fashion magazine/blog. For that I would need to polish up my non-fiction writing skills. So now is the perfect time to get back into blogging!

I’m still figuring out what exactly I will post on this blog. Lifestyle and fashion related things I love writing about. I’m also trying to write more reviews about books I read, shows I go to, and other media I consume. Maybe some personal musings. We’ll see, we’ll see.

Layout and sidebar information I will overhaul at some point. The banner I have now was only supposed to be temporarily, but it’s been up for as long as I can remember. So much work ahead of me. Better get started.

2015 recap

TarynDavidsonfantasy7photo by tim walker

before we head into the new year, i thought i’d do a little recap of 2015 here. this has been a pretty big year for me. i think i have put down enough of a foundation down to make 2016 my biggest yet. so much that can, & is bound to, happen… but for now, 2015.

some goals i had for 2015 were to improve my singing, learn more about (making) music, learn to write lyrics, make more art in general, make more videos, read more & save money. i think, overall, i have done well. with a lot of hard work, my singing has greatly improved. i still wouldn’t call it ‘good’, but i have reached a point that it is not unpleasant to hear. you should know that i have no natural talent for melodic singing whatsoever. later in the year i have also been working on more aggressive vocals. i think that i am much better at that.

this year i also learned to play the guitar! something i never thought i could do. i had lessons in the first half of the year & then just kept practicing on my own, & with my brother. i also tried to learn some musical theory, but that ended up being a disaster, haha.

as for other arts, i did a bit of sewing, drawing, & painting. i ended up mostly writing. in november i spontaneously participated in nanowrimo again & succeeded in writing a novel of 50,000 words. i wrote some short stories too. & even some poems, which could also be lyrics.


i didn’t make as many videos or read as many books as i planned, because i honestly wasn’t as interested in it as i expected to be. & my last goal of saving money…. hahahahaha. what a spectacular fail. it was an educative fail though.

but enough of the boring goal stuff. i also did a lot of fun things this past year. some of my biggest highlights were my trip to england to see frank iero & later the wgt festival in germany with one of my favourite people in the world. i went to a lot of parties & other events with people i adore. of course i also went to a lot of concerts. i saw quite a few amazing bands more than once. even sort of befriended some of them. big highlight there is every time i die, who i will see again, at least three times, next year.

DSC03415 copy

i traveled around a lot more than i had expected this year, which was fantastic. budapest, brighton, oxford, around germany & just new places in the netherlands. this year i have really come to realize how happy traveling can make me. compared to that, all the material shit that i usually spend my money on means nothing.

speaking of material shit, this year i have been put off materialism and capitalism like i never have before. while i have also become obsessed with lolita fashion. oh, the contradiction. but especially later in the year, i really have become less materialistic. while i did spend a hell of a lot of money this year, i don’t think i bought that much (compared to previous years). a major reason for this is music. i am listening to stray from the path’s black friday as i’m typing this. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard TOO MANY PEOPLE BUY TOO MANY THINGS THEY DON’T EVEN NEED in my head as i was contemplating some essentially useless purchase. stray from the path has been one of my biggest musical obsessions this year. along with bands like cancer bats, counterparts, letlive. & rolo tomassi. it’s like i’ve fallen in love with hardcore & hardcore-related music in general all over again. more than ever it felt like that is where i belong.

yes, this has been a good year. of course, there were also some less pleasant things, but they are so small compared to the rest. i am so grateful for the many nice experiences i’ve had & the things that i’ve learned. thank you to everyone who was a part of it!

some honourable mentions: ♥ growing my hair out & dying it green ♥ turning 25 ♥ that crazy weekend around my birthday ♥ confirming my eye surgery ♥ comic books ♥ gala darling providing endless inspiration ♥ getting back into games ♥ successfully finishing the second year of my study ♥ being secretary of my study association, with a wonderful team around me ♥ anime ♥ meeting so many fantastic new people ♥ including online friends & acquaintances ♥ wearing my same favourite clothes over & over again ♥ knitting ♥ the shows penny dreadful, vikings, & gilmore girls ♥ re-reading all the harry potter books ♥ scents ♥ the elf fantasy fair ♥ pop punk ♥ making a 2015 playlist on spotify ♥ minimalism ♥ having a decent hardcore festival in my old local town ♥ shamelessly indulging in my girliest side ♥ re-discovering old favourite things ♥ enjoying a subscription to rock sound ♥ visiting libraries for fun again ♥ wandering around new cities without any plan ♥ honesty ♥

rambles on blogging

i wanted to make a favourites video today, but then i failed with make-up & i had to scrub it all off, but i couldn’t get it all off & now i do not look fit for a camera at all. so i decided to revisit this blog. since i pay for a domain & all. i had such grand plans for this blog, but i’ve gotten so out of it. i never read blogs anymore. i have no idea what’s happening in the world of blogs. i almost never write anything myself anymore. there are other things i’d rather do now, i guess. nowadays whenever i want anyone’s advice or opinion on a subject, i go to youtube. now i have a list of youtubers i follow instead of old-fashioned bloggers. i also tend to prefer making videos to writing. although making videos has the big drawback of people having to see you. which means you have to make yourself look presentable. whereas i could write in my nightgown without so much as eyebrows on my face & no one would know or care. i have no idea where this post is going. but i thought i would write one anyway. i have to do something. & i think it would be a good idea to make more of an effort to keep this blog going. i need to get back into writing & creating things other than clothes. i could make this into a nice alternative crafting blog. or something. it could also be a nice place to collect all my personal inspiration. & be an incentive to keep track of my outfits. i think the picture from the elf fantasy fair is the only outfit picture i have of this year. but, enough with the rambling. next post will contain more content.

style musings

okay, making another attempt at this blog. wordpress just billed me for the domain again, so i might as well. i think it’s easier if i don’t stick to a specific theme or any sort of outline, just share whatever i feel like.

now i thought i’d write something about lolita. lately i’ve been having a renewed interest in it. an obsessive sort of renewed interest that makes me think: I WANT TO BE A LOLITA.

it started when i came across lovely lor‘s channel on youtube. the video where she transforms mo mo o’brien into a lolita was the first one i watched. then i watched many other of her videos, finding myself fascinated by her & her (life)style. i checked out related channels, then i found myself browsing through related things on tumblr & shops of lolita brands. oh, & ebay. goddamn ebay. yesterday i bought a really cute baby the stars shine bright jsk on an impulse. hopefully it arrives before the elf fantasy fair, then i can wear it there.

this obsession probably came out of boredom with my current ‘style’. whatever that is. i got tired of all my black, ‘gothic’, impractical clothes & have mostly been wearing three pants on rotation& big sweaters, maybe with an dress shirt underneath, & my new rocks. i’ve also bought a band hoodie again, which i’ve grown very fond of. all very simple & tomboyish. wannabe rockstarish. wanting to go into a new direction, but unsure of what. kind of reflects my life, haha. i think an easy summary would be that i’m sick of the tough & mysterious thing, i want to be CUTE. & have FUN.

i first discovered lolita when i was 16 or so. since then i’ve had periods where i took a lot of inspiration from it. but i’ve never gone full-on lolita. maybe now is the time. at least, for occasions. lolita is way expensive. & if i would build a new, entirely cute wardrobe… besides, i’d miss some of my very non-cute things. i’m looking forward to my jsk arriving in any case. yesterday i discovered that there is an actual lolita shop very close to where i live! i want to go there tomorrow. see if i can buy a petticoat & blouse to match. & just dream about possible coords. oh god, what am i getting myself into.

outfit of the day: 08/05/14

DSC02625 copy

one of my favourite dresses & sweaters. a lot of favourites in this outfit, actually.

DSC02628 copy

hat: some market in london
sweater: urban outfitters
dress: urban outfitters
tights: h&m, claire’s
boots: new rock (vegan collection)
spike necklace: vintage
rockstar necklace: bella lili
rings: gifts, market in lissabon
jesus handpiece: ivory jar
watch: national geographic

DSC02639 copy

i’ve had these necklaces for years & still wear them on most days. i barely have anything i can’t wear them with.

DSC02637 copy

DSC02636 copy

my mother bought me this watch through national geographic. it’s way too big for my tiny wrist, but i don’t care. i love it. it’s a replica of the watches german pilots wore in the second world war. you have to wind it up & everything.

DSC02634 copy

i adore this handpiece. i bought it a couple of weeks ago & i’ve been wearing it practically every day since it arrived.

thanks for reading/looking!


transforming this old blog

so, i’ve tried blogging about vegan food. not something i found very interesting in the long run. something i do find interesting in the long run is fashion. that is what this blog will be about from now on. think inspiration posts, daily outfits, reviews on relevant independent companies & such. in celebration of both art & consumerism. we’ll see how this goes.