outfit of the day: 08/05/14

DSC02625 copy

one of my favourite dresses & sweaters. a lot of favourites in this outfit, actually.

DSC02628 copy

hat: some market in london
sweater: urban outfitters
dress: urban outfitters
tights: h&m, claire’s
boots: new rock (vegan collection)
spike necklace: vintage
rockstar necklace: bella lili
rings: gifts, market in lissabon
jesus handpiece: ivory jar
watch: national geographic

DSC02639 copy

i’ve had these necklaces for years & still wear them on most days. i barely have anything i can’t wear them with.

DSC02637 copy

DSC02636 copy

my mother bought me this watch through national geographic. it’s way too big for my tiny wrist, but i don’t care. i love it. it’s a replica of the watches german pilots wore in the second world war. you have to wind it up & everything.

DSC02634 copy

i adore this handpiece. i bought it a couple of weeks ago & i’ve been wearing it practically every day since it arrived.

thanks for reading/looking!



transforming this old blog

so, i’ve tried blogging about vegan food. not something i found very interesting in the long run. something i do find interesting in the long run is fashion. that is what this blog will be about from now on. think inspiration posts, daily outfits, reviews on relevant independent companies & such. in celebration of both art & consumerism. we’ll see how this goes.